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Print CFO handles your shop's entire financial strategy – bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, and more. We'll guide you and your shop to a more profitable future.

"We received a $13,000 tax credit"

We’ve implemented our battle-tested process with these screen printers. Here's what they have to say.

Maybe you already have a good accountant

Great. A good accountant can save you a lot of money. But a good CFO can help make you even more money.

You’re probably like some of our clients. You signed on with an accountant. You liked them best out of the choices you had. They probably even came recommended from friends or family or a colleague. 

You thought your new accountant was going to give you advice on what you could be doing better in your business. How to increase your profits. How to make better decisions on buying equipment, setting pricing, hiring employees. Someone on your team who was going to tell you how to take your business to the next level. 

But after you started working with them, your expectations didn’t match the reality. They weren’t as involved as you thought they’d be. The relationship seemed more transactional than you hoped. It seemed like they are only interested in filing your taxes and collecting their check. 

Maybe their advice is slim to none (beyond the obvious reduce costs, sell more). Maybe their advice is solid, but they are so slow to respond you end up Googling your questions in the middle of the night after everybody in your house is asleep.

It was a similar story for our other screen printing clients.

The screen printing industry comes with unique challenges that most small businesses don’t have to face.

  • Costing and pricing are much harder to calculate accurately, so it's possible to crush 3000 shirts a day and still lose money on every single shirt.
  • Every sale is a custom order, so pre-production time (selling, designing, setup) can vary wildly from one order to the next.
  • Start-up and equipment costs are at an all-time low, so basically anybody can buy a press, call themselves a screen printer, and start undercutting the local market.
  • Customer loyalty is fickle, so they haggle over price, ask for sponsorship, or try to price-match all your profit away. Ever heard of a plumber accepting "exposure" as payment?
  • And many more...

Few other accountants are familiar enough with these challenges to provide you with real guidance

Need proof? Call your current accountant and ask them about your "cost per impression" or how to calculate it.

Below, we've included a few of the challenges that screen printing shop owners – just like you – told us they face. Have you ever had any thoughts or feelings like these?

"I’d like to feel like I’m running the company, instead of it running me."

"We’re always busy, and our P&L shows we made a decent profit last year. But are we really making any money?"

"There’s no real advice (from our accountant) until the end of the year. Which of course, by then it’s too late to do anything."

"We’ve had to file extensions on our taxes late in the year for no good reason."

"I’ve fallen way behind and our books are a raging mess."

"Our contacts at our accountants are not real personable sometimes, but really what do you expect from an accounting firm?"

"Our accountant is only interested in the high level items. Total Sales vs Costs. I want to know on a project basis - are we profitable or not?"

"Our actual accountant is great, but I often work with the rest of his team. They are careless at times. Just guessing at stuff if they don’t know."

"I like working with our accountant, but they don’t know all the nuances of our industry. And they don’t seem real interested in learning either."

If any of these comments ring a bell for you, then please book a free discovery call with us.

We'll listen to your current situation and provide our best advice – free of charge. We don't like hard sells or sales reps that hound us, so we'll never do that to you.

Tyler Virgin
Founder and CPA at Print CFO


Way more than just bookkeeping and tax filings.

Our services cover your entire business’s financial strategy. Here’s some of the things we’ve helped other screen printers with.

We can help you...

Manage cash flow more effectively

Between all the orders you produce and all shirts you buy every month, it's hard to get a handle on cash flow. Our recommended cash flow system protects your profit before expenses get paid, not after.

Set up employee profit sharing

Treating your employees well shouldn't cause a headache. We'll help implement a plan that encourages achievement, but is easy to manage.

Cut unnecessary expenses

Your profit doesn't disappear magically overnight. It drains away a little at a time. We'll help you identify and cut overspending – without handcuffing you from all the perk of being an owner.

Reduce sky-high A/R

You are not a bank. So stop bankrolling your customers' orders. We'll help you collect the cash you're owed and reign in payment terms. Then we'll help you start getting paid upfront.

Determine owner’s compensation

You know you've earned it. But do you know the best way to take your money out? Our formulas calculate what's best for you and your shop.

Set up quarterly profit distributions

The S-Corp business structure nets you some nice benefits. Profit distributions are a great way to take cash out of the business while minimizing your tax bill. We'll set them up for you and manage the whole process.

Choose the proper business structure

The wrong business structure costs you $1000s every year. We'll protect your personal assets, minimize your tax liability, and maximize your take-home every year.

Improve your profit margins

Lots of shops chase growth through top-line revenue. But if you're profit margins aren't healthy, then you're just wasting your time and energy. We analyze your financial data to understand what's eating your profits and fix the holes.

Generate profitable pricing models

It seems everyone is ready to offer screen printing pricing advice, but no one ever explains the exact steps of how to "know your costs." We mapped the way for you. We'll help you create pricing structures that are profitable on all orders – large and small.

Implement debt payoff plans

Debt can be a great tool to finance growth, but too much can be crippling for cash flow AND your future profit. We'll help you free yourself and your business with smart, accelerated payoff plans.

Define and track the "right" KPIs

With today's tools, it's never been easier to collect data to measure and manage. But it's important that you're measuring the right things. We'll help you track metrics that cut through the noise and measure your success.

We’ll help you answer the tough questions.

You’ve got questions. Questions that can be difficult to answer – even for you – the person who is most involved in your screen printing shop.

What’s my cost per impression?
Do I even have a profit margin?
What margins do others in the industry make?
What are reasonable margins for 100% outsourced jobs?
What commission should I be paying our sales rep?
Do I have enough cash flow to comfortably buy that new press?
What expenses should the business pay for? What should I pay myself?
Is there a cheat sheet to find out the basic "this is what I made this month"?
What is the right amount of growth? How much is too much, too fast? Should I be worried with slow growth?
Am I paying employees too much? Too little? How is it affecting our growth and our bottom line?
Do I need a dedicated bookkeeper in-house?

Finally solve your shop's cash flow, profit margin, or reporting issues

There's no shortage of good accountants out there, but there aren't any that understand your business we way we do at Print CFO.

Switching can be painful. We’ll take the sting out of it.

We get it. Switching accountants is like switching banks, only worse. We promise to make the transition as painless for you as possible.

Don't wait until you can't afford to NOT do something.

As much as we wish it were true, problems don't just go away when you pretend they aren't there. Take the first step to regain financial control of your shop today.

Ready for peace of mind?

Imagine how it would feel to know that the financial health of your business is “handled”. Don't wait until the next problem comes around.

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