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Hi there. Tyler here from printCFO.

I’m going to let you in on something. Yes, we do bookkeeping, we do accounting, but we’re not really in the accounting business. 

We’re in the transformation business. I want to help you transform your shop. Helping you get FROM where you feel stuck right now TO that next level you’ve been trying to reach.

FROM a messy QuickBooks account and a confusing chart of accounts 

TO a clean set of books and reports you can actually rely on.

FROM being unsure where all that profit on your P&L actually went.

TO knowing exactly what your profit margins are and the steps you need to take to increase them.

FROM being just another customer on a list of hundreds at your current accountant

TO working with experts who truly understand your business. Who understand what cost per impression means. Who understand how different this industry is from other small businesses.

FROM feeling stressed out with all the financial questions that overwhelm you

TO having a trusted source you can turn to for answers.

I want you to know – with complete confidence – that you can buy that new automatic press or screen coater or latex printer without wrecking your cash flow.

I want you to file your taxes on time every year and never have to worry about the IRS.

I want you to be able to take home the profit that you deserve. The profit you’ve earned from the sweat and the blood you’ve poured into your business.

But listen… what I want doesn’t matter. 

This is about you and your shop.

So here’s my question. What do YOU want for YOU?

Do you want to continue stressing over the next problem that’s right around the corner? Making payroll? Getting that equipment loan? An audit from the IRS?

Do you want to keep leading your shop blindly? without the data you need to feel confident you’re making the right decisions? 

If so, I’m sorry. Forgive me here. You can close this tab.

Go ahead. Ignore your doubts about your current bookkeeper, the state of your taxes, your profit margins. Put your head down and get back to printing. Because as we all know – problems usually solve themselves when you just pretend they don’t exist, right?

BUT, if you are ready for change. 

If you want a partner who’s actually invested in the success of your business and not in just doing your taxes to collect a check. 

If you want to increase your profit margins. 

If you actually want to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. And maybe take your family on a vacation that doesn’t involve an industry trade show.

THEN book a free consult with us today. It will take you just two minutes to book.

I’d be honored to speak with you about your business and your goals. And what we can do at printCFO to help you achieve those goals.

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I was worried that I’d no longer be in control.

But my fear was unfounded. Working together with Print CFO freed my time to focus on other aspects of my business. Anytime I email with an issue, they always respond right away. Tyler and his team take on all of our accounting and bookkeeping tasks and make my life a little easier.

Stephanie Fretwell - CEO / Director of Ops