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Virtual CFO and accounting services for printers and sign makers

If you're tired of feeling like you don't have complete financial control of your business, we can help you gain back that confidence.

Expert Bookkeeping

We’ll handle the books for you – with military precision. We’ll make sure your QuickBooks or Xero account is spot on, so you can cut out the least enjoyable part of your day and get back to printing.

Tax Preparation + Filing

We’ll take care of all local, state, and federal tax filings for you. No more stressing or worrying about whether you’re compliant or not. We can even handle your sales tax filings.

“Best return on investment we have made since opening”

We partner with printers across the country. Here's what a few have to say.

Reporting You'll Actually Use

You don’t have time to decipher 30 pages of reports. We’ll help you define and implement KPIs you can actually use to quickly understand the health of your business and what next steps to take.

Profit Analysis and Pricing Models

Using your past financial data, we’ll create pricing models that answer two of your most important questions 1. How much should we be charging? 2. How much profit are we making?

What is a virtual CFO?

What are the differences between a bookkeeper, a CPA, and a CFO?

A bookkeeper records and classifies your financial transactions like invoices, bills, payroll.

A typical CPA will build upon the bookkeepers work. Managing your tax strategy and preparing financial statements. They’ll file your taxes and make sure you are compliant. But beyond that, their advice is likely slim to none. 

A CFO focuses on the complete financial strategy. Bookkeeping and taxes are one just parts of that.

As your virtual CFO, we work with you remotely. 

Pretend your business is a car

A bookkeeper is like someone filling up your tank every week. You’ve got to put gas in your car to keep driving it.

A CPA is a lot like the local garage that changes your oil. They’re great at the regular maintenance that’s needed to keep your car running well. But you’re not really hiring them to do any more than that.

Hiring a CFO is like hiring an a specialty mechanic + coach who will fine tune your car, guide you on the right parts to buy, and teach you how to drive your car in a way that squeezes the most performance out of your car.

Do I really need a CFO?

“It sounds great, but our company feels too small for a CFO. We could never keep them busy full time. And it’s not in our budget.” This might be true if you were looking to hire a CFO full time.

But our virtual CFO services are a perfect fit for growing shops. You add the expertise of a skilled CFO to your team, but you pay only a fraction of what hiring a full time bookkeeper, accountant, and CFO would cost you. You also gain a partner who’s invested in the long-term success of your business.

We’re certified so you don’t have to be

You don’t have to worry about learning 50 new tools. We’ve taken care of it for you. We’ve invested the time to find right tools to power your growth. And we’ve become certified partners with each of them.

Certified Public Accountant
QuickBooks Online

We're different than other accountants

Yes, we'll do your taxes and all your bookkeeping. But with Print CFO, you'll get a lot more.

Here's Why...

We specialize in sign and print.

You wouldn't trust your brand new BMW with just any mechanic. So why trust the financial health of your business to someone who doesn’t know the nuances of your industry?

We actually like meetings and phone calls.

We’ll never charge you extra to talk to us. And you’ll never have to go through three secretaries to get a meeting. We respond quickly and we love to answer your questions.

We use modern tools and automation.

We love software that saves you (and us) time and money. Beyond our suite of accounting tools, we’re happy to help you manage integrations with shop management software (like shopVOX) or online stores (Like InkSoft, DecoNetwork, and others).

We have a proven plan to help you achieve your goals

When it comes to your business’s financial strategy, don’t just wing it. We’ve implemented our battle-tested process with dozens of clients. We customize each stage to fit your specific needs and goals.

Here’s how it works.

Phase 1

Initial Consult / Discovery

You book your free initial consult to discuss your current problems and goals for you and your shop. We’ll help you craft your strategy to get there. If it’s a good fit, and you’d like our help, we’ll create a customized proposal for you.

Phase 2


To being our new partnership, we’ll need access to your accounting software and other systems. We’ll start the work with a deep dive into the current state of your books. You’ll receive our expert recommendations and the best plan of attack.

Phase 3


Here comes the quick wins and returns. We’ll whip your books back into shape. Reorganizing your chart of accounts, cleaning up any past financial data, and filing any missed tax periods. You’ll leave this phase with new confidence and accurate financials to guide your decision making.

Phase 4

Integration and Automation

Now that your books are clean, we begin implementing our special sauce. Our stack of tools and systems creates your foundation for growth. We’ll meet regularly to make sure there are no financial “surprises”. As things fall into place, prepare for your stress levels to decrease significantly.

Phase 5


Get ready to elevate your shop to the next level. With systems in place for all daily and monthly accounting needs, we start optimizing for growth. This phase is never truly “done.” Each quarter, we’ll re-evaluate the next steps for your shop. And together, we’ll tackle the important projects that result in huge wins for your business.

Ready for peace of mind?

Imagine how it would feel to know that the financial health of your business is “handled”. The next week-wrecking problem is just around the corner.

Do something about it now!

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